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I personally cannot stand the way most businesses are operating anymore. From the dishonest employees to the hard to reach owners of the company, it just seems like customer service has been lost in this world. My wife and I find it more rare that we have a great experience with a company as opposed to us actually getting what we want, when we ordered it. So much attention is being put on invoice and not enough attention is placed on the product or service.


The Purpose Of This Blog

With my wife, Annie, constantly having to listen to my grunts, disgruntled words, and just pissed off rants, I decided to create this blog to vent anything and everything I want without upsetting her. In other words, I want to stay married so I am writing out my emotions, hahaha. You can say that this is my meditation, of sorts. Whether you agree with me or not is up to you – I do not care. I am here to write about whatever I want to write about, any time I want to write about it, by using whichever emotion I deem necessary at that time.

Now, do not get me wrong, I do not promote negativity all of the time but I do feel it is necessary to vent out frustrations to prevent a bigger, unnecessary explosion; normally of epic proportions leading me to sleeping on the couch. Let us not go into those stories but yet, let us focus on the fact that a solution has been found. I am writing and blogging about these items to let the world hear my grunts instead of just my poor wife; she can only handle so much.

This Is An Open Arena

Please feel free to write in or comment on any of my posts as you see fit. I will try my best to stay emotionally stable and to respond with dignity but, as we all know, I cannot promise anything as emotions change at the flick of a light switch. I pride myself on my ability to hold an open conversation with others but we can all find ourselves failing at something we were once talented.

I will also use this same blogging power to speak highly of the experiences I have that are above and beyond the average experience. I do not want to use this just to point out things I hate or dislike, that is what everyone uses the Internet for these days. But I do need to vent and I do need to praise… so this blog will capture it all. From top to bottom, happy and sad, to angry and pissed… you will get to see a lot of sides to me and, hopefully, enjoy my writing that goes with it.

I suppose that is just my disclaimer for the website but, in better words it would just be easier to say, I can be an annoying old man sometimes but please just read my rants and go about your day knowing how I feel.

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