A Dream Come True

This year I got one of the biggest “Honey Do Lists” that I have ever received. Not only was it large but it was also very hard labor and a lot of things that I am not sure how to do; like landscaping. We have just purchased a new property, not for ourselves – to rent out, and the yard is just awful.

One way we can manage this is to just till up the entire yard, churning it into dirt, and then flattening it out with a large ass roller behind a tractor. This basically turns the yard into a fresh, clean slate where nothing is growing; it is just dirt and rocks until we come in and flatten it all out. Once this portion is done (my writing about it makes it seem a lot easier than it really is), the biggest obstacle is to get green grass growing.

I Started Researching A Bit

Well, needless to say that I have no idea what I am doing, even though my description sounds like it, and I am not even sure where to start (besides a quick Google and YouTube Training). With that in mind, I called up the local landscaping company and they actually suggested something completely different; go figure, the experts said I was wrong.

The said that we should consider just getting artificial grass for the lot to both make it easier and more beautiful for the tenants. Not only that, the biggest thing I enjoyed, no lawn maintenance. Not only do we not have to pay some random guy to come out to a property and mow it but we also do not have to worry about our tenants taking over the landscape duties (or in most cases, failing to do so).

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