When Is Too Much Too Much?

When is too much too much?

In this case, I am speaking completely about spaghetti sauce. Annie (the wife) and I went down to the new Italian place that opened up yesterday as we were feeling feisty; in other words, neither of us wanted to cook last night. So we slopped ourselves together into an attire that was semi decent and drug ourselves (okay we drove) down the 5 miles to it.

Because the point of this is to express my feelings, I am not going to be naming the business in question here; especially since it is not a good experience that I am writing about. But, I digress, the spaghetti sauce.

So, Annie orders here usual go-to Italian dish the chicken Parmesan and I go with just plain ole spaghetti and meatballs. When I try a new place, I tend to go with something simple, easy, and that I know I like. The mentality behind it is that I want to give them the chance to please me with something easy. If you screw up the easiest thing on the menu, I have no desire to come back. It may sound dreary or pessimistic but I have found that this process works just well for me.

Keeping It Simple At First

too much of something

Nevertheless, we went in, we sat, we ordered, we talked a bit with the waiter, and we were on our way. If the first sentence didn’t give it away, here you go: I basically ordered sauce with a side of noodles. How the hell can someone not see how much sauce they are putting on to something? There is no way, in this great green Earth, that someone would think that this amount of sauce was decent for human consumption. I could have filled my drinking glass with all of the sauce and, literally, used it for my next three plates of spaghetti.

So many thoughts are racing through my mind from how the hell do they have this much sauce back there to how the heck are they even staying in business when going through so much product? That isn’t even touching the aspect of the mental capacity of the chef/cook/whatever back there. Who, in their right mind, thinks that anyone would want this much sauce in, or around, their mouth and on top of their spaghetti?! Not me, not my wife, nor any of the surrounding tables that heard my gripe to the manager.

How To Tell If Too Much Is Too Much

When is too much, too much? This is a simple thing to do and it had a disastrous outcome. No only do they lose any and all future business from us but they are losing money, losing word of mouth advertising, and (obviously) losing their minds. I can not be the only person that sees an issue with this? I know I can push some sauce aside but that is beside the point. It was a simple pasta dish and was drowned in sauce.

Again, not giving the name of the place but come on people… it is so simple!

I thought this cute video went perfectly with this blog post.. haha!

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